A Guide On How Heavy Haulage Works

Posted on: 5 November 2021

Heavy haulage trucks are astounding to look at as they transverse the Australian roads. These trucks command respect on the roads, and so do their drivers. More often than not, these trucks leave more questions than answers in the minds of other road users. This article details how haulage companies prepare and execute haulage. 

Heavy haulage trucks carry oversized items ranging from bridges, rigs, houses, and telecommunication equipment. Once haulage companies receive a call from a client, their immediate task is to establish if they can pull off the move. In most cases, the haulage crew examines the dimensions and weight of the object to determine if they have a trailer that can transport the cargo. Haulage companies do not use standard shipping trailers. Instead, they use longer trailers with several axles and wheels. It enables them to haul thousands of tonnes. 

Once the haulage company is confident that they can move the load, they develop a strategy of safely loading and unloading the object. For example, if they will be carrying a house, they will need engineers to determine how best to move the object without affecting its structural integrity. More often than not, they will install a bracing system. When moving heavy machinery, the company might use cranes to load and offload the cargo from the trailer bed. 

The next stage in the haulage preparation process is determining how to move the load from its current location to the destination. Local laws and government agencies restrict heavy haulage to specified roads. Besides, the trucks should be driven at specified speeds and during a specified time of the day. These regulations significantly determine the route that the crew will use and how long haulage will take. 

The haulage team assesses the risks of moving the cargo. For example, if the proposed route has sharp inclines, the crew must develop strategies to drive up the hills without damaging the truck's engine. In most cases, they opt to haul and push the haulage truck. The safety of other road users is a significant concern to the crew. An easy way to avoid accidents involving the haulage truck is to ensure visibility on the road and warn other road users. It is for this reason that haulage trucks have escorts with warning lights. 

During haulage, the crew deploys a reconnaissance team to inform them of the current road conditions. Besides, they keep in touch with local police to help clear the traffic. 

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