How to plan a smooth corporate event using charter bus services

Posted on: 24 June 2019

Corporate events can breathe life into your company's operations. These events are a great avenue for networking, team building and gaining new customers. However, planning to attend an event comes with its own set of challenges. How will you and your team get there? Where will you meet? What will you carry? All these decisions can be made easier by using a charter bus service.

Bus charters provide a safe, convenient and effective means of transportation to and from corporate event locations. To make your upcoming event smoother, consider the following tips while planning.

1. Book your dates in advance

Regardless of the event, you're planning, starting early is your key to success. Make sure you reserve your bus charter at least a few weeks in advance so you don't miss out on your favourite bus. When booking, share with the bus charter company what your specific needs are, departure and drop-off times and how long you'll need the bus for. You may also access discounts by booking in advance.

2. Choose the right bus

The next important step is to choose a bus that suits your needs. There are many options available, varying by size, features and design preferences. Make sure you consult your team about what they would wish to have. If going on a long trip, entertainment features such as TVs or sound systems may come in handy. You may also need accessibility features for any disabled persons in your team. And if you're carrying many different items for the event, choose a bus that has extra storage space.  

3. Set pickup and drop-off points

To make meeting up easier, you should set and communicate the pickup and drop-off points of the bus charter in advance. Your colleagues should be aware of where the bus will be leaving from, and at what time. Similarly, your colleagues should know when the bus is coming back from the event. Having central pickup and drop-off points not only saves time, but it also reduces the cost of picking everyone up from different locations.

4. Share the itinerary with all travellers

Once you book the bus charter and receive your itinerary details, make sure everyone travelling gets a copy. You should also inform relevant stakeholders within your company as necessary. The official itinerary provides a detailed record of your travel times and overall corporate event plan. In this way, people can keep track of your movements and know where to find your team if needed.


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