Why hire a party bus?

Posted on: 13 June 2019

Many people are opting to hire party buses for their special events, which can provide seating for twenty people — or even more. What are some of the reasons you might consider hiring one for your event?


A party bus can be hired for many different reasons: as a means of transport to take you and your guests to a specific destination, or as part of a tour around a city or area. Operators can cater for all needs and many offer particular package tours.

Removes the hassle of travelling

With a 20 seater party bus, the travelling becomes part of the event. Buses can be equipped with a bar, music, comfortable seating, television screens and lighting to provide a party atmosphere during the journey itself. Some companies will even provide entertainers. The result is that the party starts during the journey itself. Talk to the operator to find out what services are on offer, and make sure that you choose a service that caters to your specific needs and requests.

Suitable for different events

Your operator will be able to decorate the bus according to the theme of the party. For an adult event such as a stag or hen night, they will effectively provide a nightclub on wheel,; but they will also be able to decorate the bus for a school prom or a family event. As long as you discuss your event with the operator in advance, you should have no trouble providing a memorable journey for your guests.


If you have a lot of guests to transport, you may find that the cost of hiring several taxis, or of using public or private transport, can easily escalate out of control. By keeping your guests together on a single bus, you may find that the journey becomes cheaper, as well as much more fun.

Keeps your guests together

If everyone has to travel separately to get to your event, you may find people arriving at different times, getting sidetracked or lost, or dropping out altogether. Using a party bus will keep everyone together and keep the party spirit going without anyone having to worry about travel arrangements or arguing about who is going to drive.

Just make sure to discuss your requirements with the bus operator, and you will provide your guests with an experience to remember before they have even arrived at the event.


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