3 Ideal Instances When Organizing Wedding Guest Transport Is Appropriate

Posted on: 8 June 2019

Unless you want your guests to trek to the wedding venue, organising transport for guests at your wedding is a notable gesture. Unfortunately, most brides and grooms tend to leave this part out when budgeting for their wedding. It is because most people assume that guests will find their way to the venue without much hassle. While it is true that some guests will have no problem finding a means of transport to the wedding venue, other attendees might not be as lucky. Therefore, you must be very careful when deciding whether to organise transportation for your wedding guests or not. This article highlights instances when it is vital to arrange wedding guest transport.

1. Ease of Accessibility to the Venue -- Different brides and grooms have different tastes regarding the venue where they want to exchange their vows. While some partners don't mind the local church where most family members and friends can find easy access, other couples will pull all stops to exchange their vows in the middle in a different city. Notably, the location where you decide to hold your wedding dictates whether it is logical to organise transport for the guests. For instance, if you decide that a barn is a good enough venue, then friends and relatives can easily make their way to your compound. Therefore, you do not need to organise transport services for guests. However, if the venue is far away from public transportation, then it is appropriate to consider how guests will get there.

2. Out-of-Town Guests -- If you invite your in-laws, parents, brothers or any close family member that will check in from out-of-town or another country, then the chances are that they might struggle to find the wedding venue. In such instances, it is a good idea to hire or arrange for guest transport. The number of foreign guests must, however, justify the need for transport hire. For example, if you have less than five foreign guests, then you can accommodate them in the available cars. However, if their number goes beyond ten, then it is a good idea to organise for transport hire.

3. Minimal Parking Space at the Venue -- The size of a wedding venue can tell you how much parking space is available. A small site will most likely not have enough parking spaces for many vehicles. Therefore, it might discourage guests from driving their cars to the venue. If you have hired a venue with minimal parking space, then consider hiring a bus to transport most of the guests to the site. It will ensure that most of your guests get to the venues without the added stress of scrambling for unavailable parking space.


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