Backfill Services for Residential Property

Posted on: 7 June 2019

As a residential property owner, you likely don't think of backfill services. The truth is, there are several times when this type of service is crucial to your property. If you currently own a large amount of property that needs clearing, you may want to look into the following services. Each service can offer a benefit to your property and help you get to the landscaping goals you have in mind. 

Ditch Fill In

One issue that many property owners have, especially ones with larger amounts of land, are sinking ditch areas. These areas can be where a ditch once was or can be areas where land has washed out due to erosion and heavy rains. If you are planning on expanding the property, these ditch areas can cause issues. Though your first instinct may be to simply fill the area in with soil, this option doesn't always result in stable land. A backfill service can bring in soil to fill in the area as well as provide services to pack down the soil and even out the landscape, giving a more durable foundation for your property expansion.

Foundation Repair

If you find that a building on your property has foundation issues, your first instinct may be underpinning or similar construction tactics. The truth is, the foundation may have issues due to soil integrity. If there is not proper drainage of the area, the soil integrity can fail. This leads to washout around the foundation, causing the foundation to slip and sink in. In addition to having underpinning services, you can also use a backfill service to bring in more soil and build up the area around the foundation of the building. 

Drainage Flow

You may not think about the flow of your property drainage when you think of backfill services. In some cases, your drainage may be a huge problem on your property. If the current drainage has not been trenched properly, it can cause washout around buildings, sidewalks and throughout the property itself causing flooding and other water-related issues. A backfill company can come in and fill in the drainage that is causing the problem. They can also excavate for new drainage and fill in the area after the new drainage ditches and supplies have been placed. 

When you are ready for backfill services and to get started on your landscaping project, contact a local backfill company. They can give you a quote, schedule a consultation and give you a start date for your service needs. They can also answer questions you have about specific projects for your property.  


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