Two Types of Businesses That Should Engage the Services of a Refrigerated Transport Company

Posted on: 6 June 2019

There are many types of businesses that could benefit from using the services of a refrigerated transport company. Here are two specific examples of enterprises that might find this service useful.


Many of the flower products sold by florists cannot be easily transported in a standard vehicle. Things like funeral bouquets and wedding flowers are not only much too bulky to fit into a car but are also far too delicate for this type of stuffy environment.

In most cases, bouquets that are transported in warm cars will end up wilting before they arrive at their destination. As such, if a florist wants to start providing a delivery service for their customers, they should arrange for the deliveries to be carried out by a company that specialises in refrigerated transport.

The vehicles used by this type of company have spacious storage units in w hich the temperature can be controlled and closely monitored. This means that the delicate but large bouquets that the florist puts inside of these units will have plenty of room (meaning the petals will not end up crushed) and will remain fresh and crisp throughout the journey to the customer's location.

This will then minimise the risk of a florist's customers complaining about the condition of their flowers when they receive them, or of the customers requesting refunds or asking for replacements, which will, in turn, contribute to the financial stability of the florist's business.


People who run bakeries can also benefit from using this type of transportation service. This is because many bakeries make cakes, pastries and other baked goods not only for their walk-in customers but also for people who want to serve these goods at their parties, weddings, conferences and other events.

If the owner of a bakery offers this service, it could be disastrous for them not to use a refrigerated form of transport. For example, the quality of any muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts or other baked goods that feature fresh cream or fruit will rapidly decline if these items are left at room temperature or higher for more than an hour or so.

If the journey from the bakery to a customer's address takes this amount of time or longer, and the baked goods are not housed in a refrigerated unit in the vehicle, their flavour and appearance could be unpleasant when they eventually arrive at the customer's location. Furthermore, they may even be unsafe to eat if the warmth of the vehicle that they were transported in leads to bacteria growing on them.

Conversely, if the owner of a bakery arranged for their goods to be transported in a refrigerated vehicle, there would be no risk of the flavour, appearance or safety of their items being compromised during the journey to the customer.


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