Two Tips to Remember If You Plan to Use Your Car to Pick up Your Friend from the Airport

Posted on: 30 May 2019

If you are planning to use your car to collect a friend from the airport soon, here are some tips that should make the process picking them up using this mode of transportation very simple and straightforward.

Pre-book your space at the short-term airport car park

It is best to pre-book a parking space at the airport for your vehicle before you set off. You should be able to do this by using a short-term airport parking service.

There are a couple of reasons why it is sensible to book a parking space before you set off. Firstly, it will make the parking process very easy (even if the car park is very busy by the time you arrive), as you won't have to drive around this area, searching for an open spot. Instead, you can head directly to your chosen space. This will not only make this experience less time-consuming and stressful for you but will also ensure that you don't put your friend in a position where they have to wait around for you for ages after their flight lands.

Secondly, in some airports, booking your space in advance is less expensive than paying for it after you have arrived at the airport. If this is the case in the car park you will be using, this could save you quite a few dollars. This is a point worth noting if the journey to and from the airport is lengthy and will probably cost you quite a lot in fuel expenses.

Clear out the boot and the backseat before you set off

Before you set off to the airport, it's important to pull out any random items that are currently stashed in the backseat or the boot of your car.

The reason for this is that your friend will probably have at least one or two pieces of luggage. If your car is stuffed with your own possessions, you might struggle to create enough space inside it for your friend's suitcases. Furthermore, after squeezing the luggage into the vehicle, there will probably be very little space left for your friend. This could make the car journey from the airport very uncomfortable for them.

Additionally, if the combination of your own belongings and your friend's suitcases results in you being unable to see out through your car's rear window, you may find it harder to navigate the roads safely.


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