The Three Industries That Use Refrigerated Transport Services

Posted on: 28 May 2019

While millions of Australians use different transportation every year, from busses to moving trucks, there are some sectors of the industry that are a little more specialised. These transportation companies provide special services for either really bulky and hard-to-handle material, like unique construction pieces for an art design, or for items that have to be transported in a highly specific condition, like a controlled temperature. It is easy to see the need for refrigerated transport services when their purpose is explained and even easier to visualise after you see the three main industries that utilise this mode of transport. 

Food Transport

Undoubtably the most common use of refrigerated transport services is the huge fresh and frozen food market in Australia. Many places in the country cannot be reached by train or plane, and thus a refrigerated truck is the only way to get fresh supplies in and out. Even in the cities, it is essential to keep the products at a regulated temperature across short journeys. This includes everything from the fresh fruit produced in far north Queensland to the fish harvested along the huge coast of Western Australia. The reason all Australians have access to this food gathered so far apart is mainly due to the refrigeration used in transporting them.

Medical Transport

Many vaccines, medicines and medical equipment have to be kept at a certain temperature, otherwise they can spoil and be useless. When a company is transporting for a hospital, clinic or small medical practice, they have to be very careful and set the refrigeration in their vehicle to match the equipment they are carrying, as not all can be kept at the same temperature. This is doubly the case when it comes to transplanted organs, which have to be handled with extreme care and kept at very cool temperatures if they are to survive what can be quite a distance. Without refrigerated transport services, the medical industry would grind to a halt.

Technology Transport

Many components of high-end technology are susceptible to damage when exposed to higher temperatures. This means that while these parts of technology do not need to be kept cool, they do need to be kept below a certain temperature. Australia is prone to extremely hot temperatures and, when packed into the back of a regular truck, computers and other devices can have some of their internal wiring damaged. Refrigerated transport services can guarantee that your product will not be affected by heat on its way to its destination. 


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